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Northern California

North Coast Festivals

You can learn a lot about a place at its local festivals. Consider the Kinetic Grand Championship, a cosmically silly three-day battle between human-powered works of art (imagine a speeding dragon made out of hubcaps) that race from Arcata to Ferndale. In fall, early rains usher in the Mendocino Mushroom Festival; don’t miss this opportunity to sample the elusive candy cap mushroom, the sweetest of locally foraged fungi. Wash down fresh-from-the-sea crab with local brews and wines during the annual Crab, Wine & Beer Festival, held in January. Come springtime, celebrate the annual migration of gray whales as they swim and spout along the North Coast on their way to Alaska.  


Winter rains signal the beginning of the North Coast’s astounding mushroom season: the Mendocino region is home to some 3,000 varieties, many of them edible, like the rare candy cap mushroom with...

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