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    LEGO animals. LEGO T-shirts. LEGO lunch boxes. And even LEGO wedding cake toppers. Shops are scattered around LEGOLAND California, offering anything from ready-to-build kits to The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Batman Movie memorabilia. 

    Many stores reflect nearby rides and attractions, so if your child pines for a knight in shining armor (albeit one built out of plastic bricks), head for the King’s Market, adjacent to The Dragon and The Knights’ Tournament rides. You’ll also find Medieval-era costumes—including tiaras, foam swords, and foam shields—if that dress-up box at home needs some new items.

    Indeed, there’s a shop for every kind of LEGO love, starting with the all-encompassing Big Shop and the Ninjago-related toys at Wu’s Warehouse. For LEGO Star Wars toys, check out the Empire Emporium, located just beyond the LEGO Death Star; fans of the LEGO Friends will want to peruse the Heartlake City Boutique. To go old school, go to the LEGO Club House, where you can buy non-kit sets of LEGO bricks, or just buy loose bricks by the pound from colorful bins.

    Insider tip: Buy a few bricks at the LEGO Club House and build a few mini-figures, then look for the park’s “Model Citizens” (a.k.a. employees). If there’s a mini-figure dangling from their name badge, kids can use their own mini-figure to trade for it. 

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