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    The name of the game at LEGOLAND California Resort is discovery and wonder. Everywhere you look, there is a playful use of LEGO bricks and rides with mechanically-themed whimsy, whether it’s at Driving School, where kids learn the ways of the road in LEGO-esque mini-cars, or Safari Trek, where riders drive animal-striped Jeeps to wind around a world of life-size giraffes, elephants, and tigers (all made of—you guessed it—LEGO bricks). At Fairy Tale Brook, climb aboard a whimsical boat shaped like a giant leaf to float past recreated scenes from classic stories such as The Three Little Pigs (whose brick house is made of, yes, plastic bricks).

    For your child’s first roller-coaster experience, take a spin on tot-friendly Coastersaurus, billed as a “pink-knuckle” ride—enough for a thrill but not white-knuckle, I-want-to-go-home-now-mommy scary. Expect to get wet on rides like Splash Battle, where riders not only shoot water from their own ships, but can get fired upon by the water cannons powered by spectators.

    Another water-themed attraction—albeit underwater—is the LEGO CITY: Deep Sea Adventure, which opened in 2018. Take a dive in a submarine and marvel at the more than 2,000 real sea animals, including sharks and stingrays, that thrive below the surface. You can even assist the LEGO minifigure treasure-seeking dive team in identifying such items as gems, pearls, and LEGO gold coins on the “sea” floor with a porthole touchscreen.

    For some quieter downtime, take the behind-the-scenes factory tour, which shows how LEGO bricks are made, or let your little builders get creative in hands-on Duplo Play. And then there are the coasters. The two fastest ones are the still-fairly-mellow Technic, in the park’s Imagination Zone, and the free-wheeling Dragon (but even on these two rides, the height minimums are just 42 and 40 inches, respectively). For shortest lines, aim to get to the park early, head straight for furthest-away rides and attractions, then work your way back towards the entrance.

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