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Jelly Belly Factory

Get an up-close glimpse of a real-life Candyland

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The playground-like Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield, about an hour’s drive from San Francisco along I-80, is a candy mecca. It offers free quarter-mile-long, self-guided tours on an elevated viewing platform that lets you see the candy making in action. You also get to play with interactive exhibits and nosh on free samples, from fruity-sour-apple and birthday-cake jelly beans to treats with such intriguing flavors as skunk spray and stinky socks. For a master’s class in candy making, you can, for a fee, take the Jelly Belly University tour, led by a Dean of the Bean. You’ll suit up in a white lab coat, hairnet, and gloves—no sandals, flip-flops, or high heels allowed—to go behind the scenes and watch master confectioners at work.

Afterward, head to the Jelly Belly Café for bean-shape pizzas, bean-shape burgers, garlic fries, and more.

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