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Hansen Surfboards in Encinitas

Shop for gear at this classic store along “Surf Route 101”

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The Coast Highway in Encinitas and northern San Diego County—also known as “Old Highway 101”—is one of the great surfing roads in America. Connecting such fabled breaks as Swami’s and Pipes, the highway inspired the song “Surf Route 101,” a minor classic from 1964.

Hansen Surfboards dates back to 1961, started by South Dakota native Don Hansen, who first shaped surfboards in a shack on Oahu’s North Shore. Hansen moved to Encinitas, and the 101, in the 1970s, and Hansen Surfboards has grown into a 20,000-square-foot store—the largest surf shop in San Diego County—across from the break at Swami’s.  

Browse the store's collection of 500 boards, including many Hansen models, as well as an assortment from such leading companies as Santa Barbara–based Channel Islands Surfboards. Even if you’ve never caught a wave, you’ll find plenty of great Hansen-branded clothing, including T-shirts featuring the company’s original logo.

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