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Enderts Beach

An easy hike to rocky tide pools and driftwood-studded sands

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    Leave the shady redwood forests behind on this mellow hike to one of Redwood National Park’s most scenic beaches. Enderts Beach is a rock-studded, driftwood-laden shoreline perfect for sunset walks or sunny afternoons with a kite and a book. Getting there requires a walk of just under 1 mile/2 kilometers on a now-abandoned stretch of the old Coast Highway (it’s downhill going in, uphill on the return). About halfway in, you’ll pass rustic Nickel Creek Campground, which offers an overnight option for backpackers. A few hundred yards farther, you’ll descend to crescent-shape Enderts Beach, perfect for strolling, sand-castling, or just watching the wild waves. But the biggest attraction is at low or minus tides which reveal vibrant tide pools on the beach’s south end. The pools are rich with sea stars, urchins, and giant green anemones.

    Insider's Tips: Rangers occasionally lead tidepool walks here; check at park any of the park visitor’s centers for details.

    Removed from Likes

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