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California Welcome Center - Cross Border Xpress

California Welcome Center - Cross Border Xpress

Feel the Warm California Welcome

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Our California Welcome Center is located within the Cross Border Xpress (CBX) Arrivals terminal. The CBX is a closed 120-meter pedestrian bridge between Mexico and the United States connecting directly to Tijuana International Airport with a terminal at San Diego. It attracts new users to the airport serving as an international terminal on US and Mexican soil. Tijuana International Airport offers direct flights to and from more than 30 Mexican destinations.  

The CBX is the southernmost point of California and a gateway from Mexico to the United States. Conveniently located next to a number of car rental agencies, visitors can plan their California road trip with the assistance of a bi-lingual expert, digital interactions, translated media and California guides. You'll experience the California vibes the moment you enter the United States.

Visit the California Welcome Center, CBX and make sure you have everything you need for your trip through California.

Please contact the Welcome Center for specific hours of operation. 


2745 Otay Pacific Drive San Diego, CA 92154

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