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Golden Globes
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Golden Globes

Often seen as a precursor to who’ll nab an Oscar, the Golden Globes event hands out awards to actors, directors, and other artists in film and television. The official name of the award is the Cecil B. DeMille Award, after the director and producer who was the first recipient, in 1944. Members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association vote for their favorites, and even though the group isn’t very big, it gets big attention with this glitter-and-glam fest of top names and talent—as the third most-watched awards ceremony of the entertainment industry (behind only the Oscars and the Grammys), it is telecast to 167 countries worldwide.

Designed to be more relaxed than the high-stakes Oscars, the Golden Globes lets celebrities and stars sit at round tables complete with dinner and bubbly (it’s been reported that 125 cases of the stuff are served up at each ceremony), and speeches can be a bit more fun and off the cuff. And here’s a nice aside that’s not touted much: The awards show generates millions of dollars for the nonprofit association; more than $15 million has been donated to entertainment-related charities and scholarships.

Visitors hoping to attend the event might be best advised to make other plans; the show is by invitation only, and it is one of the only awards shows that does not employ seat fillers. If you are determined (and willing to spend) enough, you can purchase a weekend package stay at the Beverly Hilton, where the awards are held. Such stays during Golden Globes weekend often include tickets to some of the after-party events and possibly bleacher seats along the red carpet. (Check ahead of time.) Getting a ticket by other means to the after parties is pricey and not always possible, but you can try a reputable ticket provider like VIP Concierge.