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California: Entertainment


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10 Don’t-Miss California Snow Events
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Between the falling flakes and the après-ski party atmosphere, a vacation in the California snow is festive from the get-go. Around the Golden State ski resorts also throw...

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Discover Los Angeles County

The iconic Tournament of Roses in Pasadena is the city’s annual one-two punch: a parade and a football game. It’s California’s way of celebrating the New Year with a twin...

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Discover Los Angeles County

Often seen as a precursor to who’ll nab an Oscar, this annual event hands out awards to actors, directors, and other artists in all kinds of entertainment—film, television...

Bodie State Historic Park, Bodie
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Haunted Spots in California

From spirit-filled ships to ghostly caverns, here are 10 of the most haunted places across the state

The forlorn spirit of a lovely young woman, a headless friar, a bevy of prehistoric phantoms: frightful sightings abound in these paranormal...