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Courtesy of Beverly Wilshire

Best Stunt Double

Best Stunt Double

This iconic Beverly Hills hotel, a plush Four Seasons property sitting at the corner of Rodeo Drive and Wilshire Boulevard, was the setting for most of 1990’s Pretty Woman. But don’t ask to book the same suite where Julia Roberts took her bubble bath: The actual hotel scenes were shot at another L.A. hotel (which no longer exists); in true Hollywood style, that other hotel got a makeover to look like the Beverly Wilshire.

Even so, the hotel still plays along. “We've always enjoyed our relationship with the movie and consider it to be a bit of fun,” says Ben Trodd, regional vice president and general manager of the Beverly Wilshire (A Four Seasons Hotel). “We have many different offerings that invite guests to get a sense of the glamour of Beverly Hills.” For instance, you can book the Pretty Woman for a Day package, with a shopping consultation and picnic at Greystone Mansion; watch the movie while getting your nails done in the salon; or order Pretty Woman-themed cocktails at the hotel’s bars (She’s Not My Niece, offered in Sidebar, features bourbon, Aperol, and amaretto).