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Travel Updates

Travel Updates
Check out the latest California travel updates

November 2019

Two October fires — the Kincade Fire in northeastern Sonoma County and the Saddle Ridge Fire in Los Angeles County — are now 100 percent contained. There have been no fatalities associated with either fire and the affected acreage of these two incidents amounts to less than 0.08% of California’s total area. If you are considering a trip to California, please know the vast majority of the state remains completely unaffected by fires and is fully open for business. 

It is worth noting that California is a massive state—roughly 900 miles long and 350 miles wide. For a better sense of the distances separating many California communities, please review California Geography Essentials, which also lists drive times between key destinations.

If you are planning a trip to California and want real-time perspective on its destinations, visit Here Is What California Looks Like Right Now, a continually updated blog post showcasing traveler photography.

For any visitors who remained concerned about their California travel plans, several resources can provide real-time updates: In addition to the CalFire website, you can access livecams and air-quality information at

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