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Travel Updates

Travel Updates
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November 2019

Two October fires — the Kincade Fire in northeastern Sonoma County and the Saddle Ridge Fire in Los Angeles County — are now 100 percent contained. There have been no fatalities associated with either fire and the affected acreage of these two incidents amounts to less than 0.08% of California’s total area. If you are considering a trip to California, please know the vast majority of the state remains completely unaffected by fires and is fully open for business. 

It is worth noting that California is a massive state—roughly 900 miles long and 350 miles wide. For a better sense of the distances separating many California communities, please review California Geography Essentials, which also lists drive times between key destinations.

If you are planning a trip to California and want real-time perspective on its destinations, visit Here Is What California Looks Like Right Now, a continually updated blog post showcasing traveler photography.

For any visitors who remained concerned about their California travel plans, several resources can provide real-time updates: In addition to the CalFire website, you can access livecams and air-quality information at

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Discover the High Sierra

The Winter Wave is everything from building a surfer snowman, to a bluebird powder day, to the way we après. And it’s awesome.

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Courtesy of Farmhouse Inn

Farmhouse Inn

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A casual-chic resort that delivers farm-to-table food, VIP wine-tasting, and down-to-earth luxury in the Russian River Valley

This Russian River Valley resort is famed for its Michelin-starred restaurant, ...

Beautiful locations, luxurious comforts

Get the starry nights, the campfire stories, the cozy sleeping bag, and all the best parts of camping in some of California’s most beautiful settings—but without the hassle of hauling loads of...

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