Charles Bukowski's vivid and unflinching depictions of life in Los Angeles are central components of his semi-autobiographical novels, including Post Office, Ham on Rye, and Hollywood. The folks at Discover Los Angeles have assembled a detailed guide to Bukowski's favorite haunts—a sometimes-seedy tour of L.A. that will fascinate Bukowski fans and provide everybody else with a unique take on the city.

"Author Charles Bukowski's work invites us to imagine him as a man alone (or in messy company), sharing a small apartment with a stray cat near L.A.’s Thai Town—drinking and typing his life away," the article begins. "However, in tracing his steps as a literary tourist, it soon proves that the cantankerous scribe left his mark all over L.A.'s magnificent sprawl."

The tour spotlights Bukowski landmarks ranging from the Frolic Room in Hollywood to the Pink Elephant Liquor Store in Los Feliz to Santa Anita Park. Start your jourmey with the video below and then check out these other literary landmarks in Los Angeles.