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Springtime Trip Through Fresno

Springtime Trip Through Fresno
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Trip time: 1-2 days

Fresno is a year-round playground, but spring is an especially great time to visit. You can catch everything in one day, or slow down to savor each moment.

The Fresno County Blossom Trail takes you through miles upon miles of breathtaking beauty and fascinating information about the fruit-growing process. On your way, make sure that you stop at a local farm to grab a fresh snack – you won't regret it!

After a morning full of ornamental sights and smells in the countryside, spend your afternoon back in time on the streets of picturesque Old Town Clovis . Here, you can spend hours meandering through the old-world antique shops that decorate the streets of this authentic American city. Don’t forget to stop off for lunch at historic Victoria Rose Cottage , where you will be delighted with afternoon tea, fresh soups, sandwiches and award-winning desserts.

Evenings in the Fresno region in the spring are like no other. You will be able to feel, see and smell the changes that springtime brings to the valley. As the flowers start to bloom, spend your evening at the Shinzen Gardens at Woodward Park , strolling beneath the cherry and crabapple blossoms. After your evening tour of the gardens, head over to one of the exquisite restaurants in North Fresno, where you can feel the breeze blow through your hair under the stars on the patio.


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