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Find Unlimited Recreation in California's Shasta Cascade Region

Find Unlimited Recreation in California's Shasta Cascade Region
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California’s Shasta Cascade is a peaceful region, home to cute small towns and acres of access to some of the most stunning landscape available. Visitors flock here for recreation of all kinds, and the chance to savor nature in its purest form.

Trip Time: 4 days

Day 1
Start things off right at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co . You can join a guided tour at this nationally famous brewery. After the tour, enjoy freshly brewed beer! In the afternoon, head to Red Bluff to visit the Sacramento River Discovery Center . You can enjoy magnificent view of Lassen Volcanic Mountain and Shasta Mountain with snowcap. You’ll also find quaint antique shops downtown, and some good down-home country cooking.

Day 2
Visit Shasta State Historic Park . This ghost town used to be a busy mining city in the gold rush era. Brick buildings, such as farm houses, bakery, post office and courthouse are preserved. You can purchase products from 1880s at a general store.

Discover your surroundings at Turtle Bay Exploration Park . In this vast park located at the bank of Sacramento River, there are botanical gardens and an arboretum, museum, aquarium, gallery and seasonal butterfly house. Spend the night in Redding, dining at Maritime Seafood & Grill , an outrageously delicious French-California restaurant.

Day 3
Spend the next two days in the wild world of volcanoes, starting at Mount Shasta , home to a 14,162-foot-high dormant volcano. The mountain is famous for a mystical power spot or a vortex and is a popular destination for new age enthusiasts from all over the world. You can enjoy many activities here, including mountaineering, fishing, rock climbing, rafting, skiing and snowboarding. The area has natural hot springs, which were found by native Americans. The Stewart Mineral Springs is one of the most popular healing spots.

Day 4
Today, visit Lassen Volcanic National Park , which is home to active volcanoes located in the south end of Cascade Mountains. Drive the main route, which circles the volcanoes, to enjoy incredible views. The lake, with its reflection of mountains with snowcap, mysteriously beautiful wetlands, dynamic steam vents and bubbling mud pots, will stay in your heart for a long time.

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