Experience the Best of Farm-to-Fork Culture in Sacramento
Sacramento, CA

Day 1 
Visit a farmers market. Sacramento is home to the largest “Certified Farmers Market” in California and has the most ethnically diversified market in terms of produce offerings, growers and customers. Many of the farmers markets operate year-round. Get acquainted with Sacramento and take a Fast Eddie Bike Tour as you check out the urban art in Midtown. Taste some local wines or cruise through the Delta region as you enjoy one of these scenic, educational (and environmentally friendly) rides. Eddie promises not to go too fast. Mix it up at Mulvaney’s fine-dining establishment, located in a 1893 firehouse. The restaurant focuses on seasonal and local products when creating its dishes.

Day 2
Tour Soil Born Farms at the American River Ranch and learn about their efforts to mentor youth and future farmers. In addition to numerous educational programs, Soil Born Farms offers instruction on how to cook, garden and seeks to improve access to healthy foods in the community. Visit Gekkeikan Sake Factory a state-of-the-art brewery and enjoy its beautiful koi pond and Japanese garden. The tasting room offers complimentary tasting of “Kobai” plum wine, and a variety of locally produced sakes. Guided tours are available by appointment for groups of eight or more, and sushi-making classes are frequently held. Experience apples like never before at Apple Hill . This 10-mile area encompasses more than 55 family farms. Stroll among the apple orchards and pick your own fruit or enjoy a visit to one of the many wineries, bake shops and breweries. For more than 20 years, The Selland Family Restaurant has helped further the movement toward buying and serving local food in the region. Dine at one of these fine establishments (Selland’s Market Café, Ella Dining Room and Bar, or The Kitchen) and enjoy food that’s been locally sourced.

Day 3 
Stop by the Blue Diamond Almond Growers and taste some almonds while you watch a 20-minute video detailing the history of this 102-year-old cooperative that is the largest almond processing and marketing company in the world. Local Roots Food Tours include stops at several different restaurants and/or artisan shops where you’ll be able to meet the owners and chefs and taste their signature dishes. The featured destinations all have long-standing relationships with local farms. Revolution Wines describes its product as “vineyard to table.” All grapes processed at this urban locale in Midtown are sourced from vineyards within a 50-mile radius of Sacramento. Stop by its tasting room and bistro to sample wines that are expertly paired with local, seasonal cuisine. The Citizen Hotel’s Grange Restaurant is a great choice if you’re looking for locally grown food served in an upscale atmosphere.

Day 4
Experience the Feeding Crane Farms , a certified organic (urban!) farm who prides itself on sustainable practices, fair treatment of workers and its efforts to give back to the community. Stop by the farm for a tour and enjoy a lunch made with the freshest produce and local ingredients. Sterling Caviar, a pioneer in sustainable sturgeon farming, is an institution in the caviar world that helps make Sacramento responsible for 80 percent of the caviar supply in America alone. Visit one of their three sites and learn about their environmentally responsible practices. Enjoy dishes prepared at Tuli Bistro , where you can indulge in some of the freshest seasonal ingredients at this casual bistro. Chef/owner Adam Pechal has been in the restaurant business for over half his life and gained national attention after appearing on ABC’s “The Taste.”

Soil Born Farms
2140 Chase Dr
Rancho Cordova, CA   95670-2038
(916) 363-9685

Blue Diamond Almond Growers
1701 C St
Sacramento, CA   95811-1029