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See and Be Seen at Venice Beach

See and Be Seen at Venice Beach
Venice, CA
Phone: (310) 399-2775
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Southern California’s quirky urban shoreline

Venice Beach is where surf meets circus. This stretch of sand may be gorgeous, but the shoreline itself is only part of the draw. A non-stop parade of humanity, in all its endless variations, gives Venice Beach an energy that attracts visitors from around the world.

You never know what you might to see along the landmark Venice Boardwalk, the palm-lined promenade that parallels the ocean here. A skateboarding guitarist and a chainsaw juggler, along with bikini babes, bodybuilders, and an ever-changing lineup of acrobats, musicians, and artists all vie for attention along the boardwalk. You might even catch an NBA player or two joining in the games at the beachfront basketball courts, where some of the best streetball in the country is played.

Shops and restaurants line the Boardwalk, as does a collection of vendors selling jewelry, sunglasses, and clothing. Or get a glimpse into your future and settle in with a fortuneteller or a tarot card reader. People like to throw around the phrase, “Only in L.A.” As for “Only in Venice Beach,” it couldn’t be more true.

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