Redding: Eagles, rainbow trout, and a spectacular bridge
2334 Washington Ave Ste B
Redding, CA 96001-2159
Phone: (530) 225-4100

Discover how a vibrant river brings this dynamic city to life.

“A river as alive as this—it gives you hope,” says expert fly-fishing guide Greg Kennedy as he casts a line into the Sacramento River in the heart of downtown Redding . And alive it is—with wild salmon and rainbow trout, swooping swallows, and nesting bald eagles thriving in and around this cold, clear stretch of the Upper Sacramento. Getting people outside enjoying this spectacular river and surrounding countryside is one of Redding’s biggest efforts, and the town now boasts an impressive paved and dirt trail network that links the city to Shasta Lake, some 10 miles north. Inviting parklands, a museum, and iconic Sundial Bridge also grace this cool oasis.

Take me to the river
1. Walk or rent bikes to explore some 80 miles of paved and dirt trails bordering the Sacramento River.
2. Sign up for a fly-fishing lesson and boat tour with The Fly Shop , one of the country’s premier fly-fishing outfitters.
3. Stroll across Santiago Calatrava–designed Sundial Bridge ; the elegant pedestrian-only span, the world’s largest working sundial, tells accurate time on the summer solstice.
4. Learn about native Wintu Indians at Turtle Bay Exploration Park Museum , then have a grilled Panini at the park’s low-key outdoor cafe.
5. Head about 10 miles north to take a free tour of Shasta Dam , where you ride an elevator down inside the dam to learn about this 602-foot-high structure.

Get a taste of the region’s exceptional local produce at hip Moonstone Bistro , then tuck in for the night with a view of the river at lovely Bridge House Bed & Breakfast .

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