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Prepare for Battle with Transformers

Prepare for Battle with Transformers
1000 Universal Studios Blvd
Universal City, CA 91608-1008
Phone: (818) 622-8000
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Even if you’ve never even heard of the blockbuster Transformers movies, the newest ride at Universal Studios Hollywood will blow your mind.

With the help of 3D glasses and flight simulation technology, the ride makes you feel like you’re zooming and diving through a futuristic metropolis in an epic battle against giant “autobot” stars from the mega-movies. You’ll swear it was all too real—especially as you feel like you’re falling straight down from a skyscraper—your kids will have to give you props for bravery.

A note for families with little ones: If the ride is too much for them but you grownups want to give it a try, you can wait in line as a family, then one parent can stand with the kids while the other takes the ride; when that ride is over, parents can swap so both can ride without waiting in line a second time.

Tip: Cut to the front of the Transformers line—and every other line in the park—with a special Front of the Line Pass . It costs extra, but it eliminates the frustration of waiting when you’d rather be riding, especially on a crowded day.

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