Plan a Day at the Grove for an Ultimate Shopping Experience
189 The Grove Dr Ste G60
Los Angeles, CA 90036-6256
Phone: 323*

Wrap yourself in luxury looks, fine dining, and entertainment in splashy surroundings.

Aiming to be a glamorous notch above the average shopping experience, The Grove provides a head-spinning array of designer shops, boutiques, restaurants, and entertainment venues, and enough free stuff to entice anyone to its Vegas-style setting. It’s definitely a more-is-better attitude at this multi-story outdoor shopping complex, where fountains splash in choreographed displays, live concerts get crowds moving, and an electric trolley hums along miniature streets to the adjacent Los Angeles Farmer’s Market. Hanging out here can’t help but give you a sense that this is where the beautiful people congregate; grab a bench seat and watch the show of True Religion jeans and thigh-high boots go by.

Shops ? Sure, there are the usual suspects—The Gap, Forever 21—but there’s also the high-class ka-ching of Jimmy Choo, Baccarat, and Stella McCartney. There’s stuff for the kids too, like the ultra-popular AmericanGirl Place , which has the latest dolls and accessories, and even (we’re serious) hair salon for dolls.