It's Just You and the Ocean in Crescent Beach
1001 Front St
Crescent City, CA 95531-4133
Phone: (707) 464-3174

Take a brisk walk, poke through tidepools, or maybe just write your names in the sand at this North Coast gem.

One of the best things about the North Coast is that you really can feel like you have some of these spectacular stretches of coastline to yourself. One such location is Crescent Beach, a wild stretch of sand where it's likely to be just you, the waves, maybe some driftwood and a shorebird or two, and footsteps in the sand. Here you can while away the day looking for agates, or explore coastal tidepools. Climb to bluffs to take in the view of wave after wave rolling in and breaking on the beach. Look inland to dense forests, a dramatic backdrop to this classic vista.