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Year-round Whale Watching in Newport Beach

Year-round Whale Watching in Newport Beach
309 Palm St Ste F
Newport Beach, CA 92661-1203
Phone: (949) 675-0551
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Newport Beach is known as a playground for the rich and famous and for its beautiful beaches, but it’s also one of the top year-round whale watching destinations in the world. It is home to one of the largest marine protected areas in Southern California, created to protect its unique ecosystem for future generations. The marine sanctuary covers over 15 miles along the Newport and Laguna Beach coastline, providing a haven for all marine creatures, including several species of whales that migrate these coastal waters.

Throughout the year, roughly 10,000 gray whales make the trek along the Newport Beach coastline. In winter, they travel south to their breeding grounds in Baja California. Then, in spring, you can catch them as they head north, back to their homes, many with newborn calves. Because of the large number of whales, it is very common to see south-bound and north-bound whales crossing paths.

In May, the “Giant Blue Whale Migration” begins, where hundreds of blue whales travel to the waters just off the Newport Coast to feed throughout the summer. These giants of the sea reach lengths of up to 90 feet and are the largest of all animals. Once considered quite rare in Southern California, blue whales are now a regular sight. At the same time, the second largest whale in the world, the finback whale, has also taken to the waters of Southern California.

More information: Don’t forget about the bottlenose dolphins. Hundreds of dolphins come within arm’s reach as they play alongside whale watching ships. Newport Landing’s whale watching cruises offer the chance to view all these amazing creatures firsthand. Anytime is a good time to set sail in the calm, beautiful waters of Newport Beach!

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