Step Off the Beaten Path and Experience California's authentic artisanal wine region
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Just north of Sonoma County you'll find one of California's best-kept secrets – Mendocino's wine country. With a rich wine history dating back to the 1860s, and a community of farmer-artists devoted to exceptional winemaking, Mendocino embodies the authentic experience that has been overshadowed in other regions by glitz and glamour. Savor small-production, hand-crafted wines, poured by the winemaker in rustic tasting rooms overlooking sweeping hills and towering redwoods. Discover world-class, award-winning wines you won’t find in any store. Explore a new world of wine where terroir and character are more important than mass-market accessibility. From the delicate pinot noir of the Anderson Valley to the bold Italian varietals of Redwood Valley, from floral riesling and gewürztraminer to crisp chardonnay, Mendocino County is a wine region for lovers of great wine. It is a land of a hundred stories: old back-to-the-land hippies who planted organic vineyards before anyone knew what organic meant, French winemakers drawn to the region for its unique flavor, and established winery owners from elsewhere who tasted Mendocino’s wines and knew they had to add their own voice. Visit this unparalleled destination and discover why people who love wine speak in hushed tones of its beauty, its multitude of life-changing experiences, and above all, its treasured wines.

-Photo credit Visit Mendocino