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Ride the Train in "The Good Land"

Ride the Train in "The Good Land"
300 N Los Carneros Rd
Goleta, CA 93117-1502
Phone: (805) 964-3540
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Take a trip back in time and hop aboard the Goleta Short Line for a miniature train ride at Goleta’s Railroad Museum. Built in 1901, the Goleta Depot is a Victorian-styled Southern Pacific Railroad, perfect for your family’s next historical attraction. You’ll get to “choo-choo” along as you visit the museum’s refurnished rooms and station grounds. Experience a variety of informative displays, hands-on exhibits, artifacts, photographs, and memorabilia. If you're feeling adventurous, take a ride on the museum’s passenger pumped handcar.

Do you hear the whistle? Don’t miss the conductor’s call and your chance to visit Goleta’s Railroad Museum today!

While you're visiting, make sure to partake in all of the area’s outdoor activities. Whether you're fishing on the Goleta Pier, or watching the beautiful Monarch butterflies, you'll never experience a dull moment in "The Good Land."

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