Relax at the Legendary Spa that Started it All
777 Deer Springs Rd
San Marcos, CA 92069-9757
Phone: (760) 744-5777

Discover a Zen-like oasis—and luxe treatments—north of San Diego.

When Deborah Szekely opened her spa near then-sleepy Escondido more than 50 years ago, ideas like dining on fresh-picked organic produce and meditating to enhance well-being were borderline radical. But the Golden Door —which now has five U.S. locations—went on to inspire luxury spas around the globe with its holistic view of wellness.

True to its roots, the Escondido location still promotes Zen-like serenity on its 377 acres of rolling hills. The architecture and landscaping are aptly inspired by the ancient Honjin inns of Japan, places where well-to-do travelers could stop for pampering on long journeys. A farm-to-table credo informs the spa cuisine. And a class in “Getting Happier” is part of the curriculum .

During their week-long stay, guests follow a customized regimen, crafted for them in response to a pre-visit questionnaire. Possibilities include t’ai chi and yoga, morning hikes, hydrotherapy baths, make-up consultations, and all manner of peels, facials, scrubs, and wraps . It’s the best of both worlds. Serenity for the inner you and a tune-up for the outer you.