Head To Yoga Retreats Santa Barbara

2500 San Marcos Pass
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
Phone: (805) 964-1944

Rest, recharge, rejoice at White Lotus Foundation

Imagine a weekend of eating ultra-healthy foods, sweating (a lot), ditching the car and the cell phone, and not a computer in sight.

In the mountains above Santa Barbara, the White Lotus Foundation  hosts three-day yoga retreats for people at any level. Days are centered around a couple of two-hour sessions led by renowned teachers Ganga White and Tracey Rich, who have more than 70 years of experience between them. When you aren’t working on your breathing or downward dog, visit the year-round waterfall, hike the miles of trails on the 40-acre property, book an on-site massage, or just stare at the ocean, hills, and sky. To call it purifying or rejuvenating doesn’t even come close.