Fuel Up with Roasted-in-House Coffee and Breakfast
208 W Main St
Visalia, CA 93291-6212
Phone: (559) 636-1618

Start your morning off with a kick at local Visalia favorite Tazzaria Coffee and Tea, which for the better part of the past decade has brewed excellent, roasted-in-house coffee.

But coffee's not the only arena in which the restaurant shines. Riverside's morning treats are truly divine: Try the fluffy egg “whips” (made on the espresso machine) served with bacon or house-made sausage, the blueberry oatmeal muffins (so good, Bon Appetit requested the recipe), and Bacci Bars—energy bars packed with peanut butter, whole grains, fruit, seeds, nuts, and chocolate (stash a couple of those for on-the-go fuel).

The eatery also serves lunch, which includes different pizzas daily, pasta dishes, gourmet cheeses, and more.