Explore Santa Barbara's Funk Zone
Between the Pacific Ocean & Highway 101
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

If you’re fan of Santa Barbara and haven’t yet heard of the Funk Zone, you most likely will soon.

This storied area located between the Pacific Ocean and Highway 101 in downtown Santa Barbara has been developing a contemporary Santa Barbara sub-culture of artisan shops, hip eateries, nook wine tasting rooms and award-winning microbreweries over the past years. Don’t be deterred by the name; the area doesn’t have a funk so much as it does a vibe. Winemakers, surfboard shapers and up-and-coming chefs have taken up shop in aged warehouses and forgotten scuba shops, transforming the zone into an understated array of hidden hot spots along California’s Central Coast.

Most notably, the Funk Zone is home to a majority of Santa Barbara’s Urban Wine Trail—a series of 22 tasting rooms representing Santa Barbara County wineries and vineyards that make a day or an afternoon of wine tasting SB’s best fun and easy. Cruise on foot or catch a ride in a pedicab, a preferred method of transportation in this neck of the woods. If you’re wondering how best to get the Funk Zone, it’s easy. Cruiser bike from downtown, hop on the waterfront shuttle or take Amtrak—the train station is conveniently located in the heart of this section of town.