Ride a Jeep Through Death Valley
Death Valley, CA 92328-0579

Explore some of the country's most rugged landscapes with expert professional guides.

For a different way to visit Death Valley National Park, consider a Pink Jeep tour. Yes, the jeep is pink, and so are some of the amazing geological formations that you'll visit. Pink Jeep is a company that offers guided tours to areas all around the American West. And no terrain is more spectacular than legendary Death Valley—the country's hottest and driest spot and home to the lowest point (282 feet below sea level) in North America. 

Pink Jeep's excursions visit many of Death Valley's top sites and spectacular landforms. More than just barren desert, Death Valley is a diverse land of spectacular flowing sand dunes, snow-capped mountains, multi-colored rock layers, canyons, and surreal terrain you'll see nowhere else. Despite its intimidating name and infamy, Death Valley is also filled with life—if you know where and when to look. Rare desert pupfish survive in ponds at Salt Creek. Explore the dunes at Stovepipe Wells around dawn and you might see the overnight tracks of a kit fox or kangaroo rat etched in the sand. And following winters with good rains, the valley blooms with wildflowers that brighten normally tawny, bare slopes.