An Eco-Minded Lodge for Outdoor Lovers
4100 Cabrillo Hwy N
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019-5219
Phone: (650) 712-0220

The oceanfront Beach House offers views, romance, and endless ways to play

Imagine waking up on a cool morning, wrapping yourself in a cozy down quilt, shuffling over to a wide picture window, then pulling back the curtains to reveal a spectacular ocean view. If this sounds like a perfect way to start a day, consider a visit to the Beach House , a boutique hotel in Half Moon Bay, 25 miles south of San Francisco.

Overlooking bobbing fishing boats in Pillar Point Harbor, the 54-room, loft-suite hotel is perched atop a bluff, with most rooms offering stellar ocean views. While staying snug in that quilt might seem like the ultimate in luxury, you might find it hard to resist the assortment of outdoor activities you can do in the surrounding hills and on the sea, and in the quaint and artsy town of Half Moon Bay. In fact, the hotel has assembled a list of 20 things to do —join a guided kayaking adventure, take an eco-farm tour, try deep-sea fishing—enough to keep any outdoor lover happy for days. And if you’re a surf fan you probably already know this is the spot to watch the awesome Maverick’s surf competition, when experts-only take on 40-foot monster swells that break about a ½-mile offshore. Competition usually falls between November and March when conditions are right. If you’re lucky enough to be staying here when Maverick’s gets underway, you’re in for the thrill of your life.