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A Time-Traveling Trip to the Summer of Love

A Time-Traveling Trip to the Summer of Love
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Magic Bus San Francisco is a world-renowned theatrical experience, taking visitors on a time-traveling voyage back to San Francisco in the 1960s. As the bus travels through iconic neighborhoods, site-specific screens periodically cover the windows, immersing passengers in San Francisco’s rich counter-culture history. A hippie hostess aboard the bus guides the tour through time and space, pointing out landmarks and offering each passenger a fresh flower for their hair as they board the bus. Classic music, historic footage, and live theater blend past and present for an unforgettable experience. Magic Bus was created by Antenna Theatre, a Bay Area arts organization with a 30-year history of original, site-specific theater productions, including the world-famous Alcatraz Cell House tour. It was produced for the International Arts Festival in 2010 and is now Antenna’s longest-running production, taking locals and international visitors alike on a journey to San Francisco’s Summer of Love and beyond. It’s not a sightseeing tour… it’s a trip!
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