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from Oakland Museum of California

Northern California

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Enjoy dynamic, fun-filled experiences for the whole family, and learn about California and its diverse cultures at the Oakland Museum of California (OMCA), through vibrant galleries, hands-on activities, education programs, and community events. Established in 1969 as a “museum for the people,” OMCA brings together collections of art, history and natural science to tell the extraordinary stories of California and its people. Discover the connections between the state’s environment, cultural history, and creative expression—and lend your voice to this ever-changing story.

Visit the Gallery of California Art, and view more than 800 works from OMCA's collection—one of the largest and most comprehensive holdings of California art in the world. The Gallery of California History’s theme, Coming to California, evokes the arrivals and departures of people throughout human history and their interactions with those already here, and also the influence of California on our individual and collective identities. The Gallery of California Natural Sciences presents seven places throughout California that depict the state’s diversity of climate, geology, habitats, ecosystems, and wildlife, while exploring current research, contemporary issues of land use, environmental conflict, and conservation projects. Year-round special exhibitions connect art, history and natural science through in-depth presentations on a range of topics.

Get your groove on at Friday Nights @ OMCA with Off the Grid for a family-friendly take on a festive night market including the best in Bay Area curbside cuisine from gourmet food trucks, local beer and wine at the Blue Oak beer garden, and live music! Get creative at family-friendly drop-in workshops and learn from locals in the Makers & Tasters Series. With half-off adult admission, and free admission for ages 18 and under, Friday Nights @ OMCA is a great way to get a taste of California.

Situated between serene Lake Merritt and busy downtown Oakland, the Museum is one of the most significant architectural examples of mid-century modernism in the United States. Conveniently located one block from the Lake Merritt BART station, accessible by 880, 580 and 980, and featuring on-site garage parking, OMCA is a destination for locals and tourists alike, families, urban enthusiasts, and the culturally curious. With three levels of galleries, a terraced roof garden and central courtyard, the Blue Oak café featuring seasonal and local ingredients, and the OMCA Store showcasing a wide selection of books and locally made items, you can easily spend hours enjoying all that OMCA has to offer.

Photo by Shaun Roberts courtesy of the Oakland Museum of California


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