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CEO, Surfrider
Solana Beach,
18 years
About Jim
For me, work has taken on a new meaning since I landed my dream job with Surfrider Foundation. This position allows me to cultivate lifelong interests in surfing, innovation, entrepreneurship and the environment simultaneously. While traveling around the world to engage with our activists, partners, and supporters can be tiring, when I'm back home in California there are multiple ways to recharge. In nearly every facet of my life I try to share nature and adventure with those around me.
As a dad, making sure I get enough time with my 15 year old twins is always a priority. In any given week, if all else fails, we have a standing date for a Saturday morning hike. The week's choice might be San Elijo Lagoon trail to George's Beach or hiking Torrey Pines State Park above the absolutely beautiful, untouched Black's Beach. Regardless of the trail, this weekly ritual is an ideal time to collect ourselves, map out the upcoming week and enjoy one another.

When my wife and I have a chance to get away we're usually in search of something new. In California that's easy to find. We love to zip up to San Francisco and Sonoma Valley, where we visit foodie haunts like Chez Panisse, the girl & the fig, and La Salette. If we're feeling up for a little more exercise, we head to places like Joshua Tree National Park where we can hike during the day and still get a funky, cool vibe at night at 29 Palms Inn. Another favorite getaway for the whole family is El Capitan Canyon in Santa Barbara—the perfect blend of rustic beauty and posh style.

While work takes me to places near and far, when I'm in our home office in San Clemente I relish our weekly "board meetings" when staff come together on Wednesday nights. The highlight of our work-week is connecting at the California surfing mecca, San Onofre State Beach. It's an amazing setting where we transition from being colleagues into surfers sharing waves and families relaxing watching another day slide over the horizon. Work hard, play hard. That's the California way, right?
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