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CEO Tesla
Solana Beach,
24 years
About Elon
As CEO of Tesla Motors, the California-based electric sports car company, Elon Musk knows California's open roads like the back of his hand. And Elon is always looking at the road ahead to what may be the next green option for the famed Tesla Roadster. Elon also has another devotion—enjoying quality time with his kids, including visits to some of California's best amusement parks and beaches.
Elon blends his love of the open road with his passion for work by cruising some of California's most scenic drives. Whether taking in the views along Highway 1 on his way to Big Sur or heading off the beaten path to Joshua Tree National Park, Elon knows that where there's a road, there's an adventure. In Southern California, he loves to drive out to Mount Arbor, and then head inland for the sharp contrast of the Mojave Desert and Death Valley. Up north, he's a big fan of Tahoe—great both in winter and summer. When he's not driving, he loves to hit the beaches of Los Angeles with his kids and roam through Disneyland.

Although far from his native South Africa, Elon feels at home in California. With an entrepreneurial environment that acts as a magnet for talent from around the world, Elon is living the American dream in California. Based in Silicon Valley for ten years, Tesla Motors primarily focuses on technology and design, and advertises purely by word of mouth. Elon centered his company in California because he considers it the world center for technology, as well as entertainment and popular culture.

Elon is optimistic for California's future, but spends time and energy thinking about the question of climate change and the necessity of a sustainable energy economy. He also concentrates on the future of mankind through his project, SpaceX. While optimistic about mankind’s future on Earth, he's working to offer the planet an insurance policy. Ultimately, though, he believes California will continue the lead the world's technology and entertainment industries – delivering what he thinks is a very exciting future.
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